El equipo de Casa África. Febrero 2016

Casa África

General Director
Luis Padrón López

General Secretary
Arianne Hernández González

José Luis Márquez

Head of the Culture and Education Department
Juan Jaime Martínez

Head of the Business and Economy Department
Ana Cárdenes Bilbao

Head of the Web and On-line Media Library Department
Estefanía Calcines Pérez

Head of the Media Department
Joan Tusell Prats

Head of the Institutional Relations and Image Department
Liv Tralla

General: info@casafrica.es
Media Department: comunicacioncasafrica@casafrica.es
Economic and Social Development Department: economia@casafrica.es
Culture and Education Department: cultura@casafrica.es
Library services: mediateca@casafrica.es
Social Networks: redes.sociales@casafrica.es

Tel.: (0034)-928-432-800


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